the truth about dragons & balrogs

-a plea-

by Celegorm-V
May 19, 2002

we're just silly beings who want to have fun
why can't you leave us alone?
we come for a chat and you scream and you run,
or reach for your sticks and your stones.

oh what shall a dragon or balrog forlorn
do when our efforts have failed?
all we wished to say was hallo and good morn',
but everyone shouted and wailed.

of course, we have lighted a fire or two,
and maybe a sheep has been lost.
the balrogs can ruin things, that much is true,
but we don't deserve all this frost.

it turns us to anger, it turns us to hate,
we turn anti-social and bad.
we turn friends to foes by a stupid debate
we turn up so dwarves become mad.

i think just a cookie or one friendly word
could alter this terrible trend
like 'Smaug, would you like to look after my herd?'
or 'Gothmog, would you be my friend?'

so reach out and meet us, your new friends of dark
and fear not our fire or whip.
i do think we all would have quite of a lark
and dwarf-toast in hot lava dip!

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