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The Fall of Smaug

by Arien-(Valar)
October 3, 2012
Written for the 15th Anniversary of the Valar Guild

A dark mountain in the north where many legends come a-forth
The dwarves disappeared after a feast treasures to find
Which other creatures left behind.
Hidden doors and riddles deep and a climb that proved real steep.
There they sent the Burglar in to find the place and take all in.
A glimmer of gems he saw and gold  - and the guardian of old.
A dragon he was both evil and wise – sharp was his mind, his nose
But his eyes couldn’t see where the Burglar ought to be.
Words were flying to and fro and the notion then came slow of their true identity
-    Or so he thought of the city in the lake which he later sought to bake.
In wrath and anger flames flew out in the dark and a spark nearly caught our hidden friend,
But luckily for him the far worse end was drawn away from where he returned
And instead the lake town then was almost burned
But a brave archer with a keen eye and a magic dart then did fly straight to where
A spot to hit lay almost bare – a bird told him of the spot and the arrow searing hot took flight
To hit centre and then for the plight of the  town the mighty dragon he did drown
As he fell straight down unto the almost wooden town and sank in the waters, now he is gone
And his evil deeds are done.