Poetry > Naomi-(T) > Tar–Míriel


by Naomi-(T)
May 29, 2011

If they hide themselves on the top of Carmel,
from there I will search them out and take them …
Amos 9:3

The mighty wave–it climbed on high
Cold foamy fingers grasping sky,
Tall and fearsome it ascended
O’er the land and then descended
Sweeping, crashing down to fall
On Queen Tar–Míriel of all
The kindred fairest of the fair
And down to depths that spin and tear
She fell, her last long cry forlorn
Wrest from her slender, plunging form.
Too late the Queen had sought to flee
Up Eru’s Mount, in whose holy
Resting place great wisdoms sleep.
Her lissom form the seas now keep,
It lies far, far beneath dark water;
The racing floods that fast o’ertook her,
Too late she fled on dancing feet.
Cold foam and warm breath then did meet
In storming wind and fierce rampage,
Her cries lost in the roaring rage.