by Jerra
Feb. 16, 2002

And in the darkness led them,
Smeagol, once keeper of the Ring
His treachery unbeknownst to the
Two that followed him whither he would go.

Then in the murky depths of time,
Two gleaming eyes awoke.
A-waiting on her latest meal,
a-covered in the smoke
The smoke made by her own foul stench
And poison in the air

But then the wicked arachnid
Ran into the light
To feast upon her little prey
That trembled at her sight
And as she crawled out of
Her murky little hole

Behold! The light of Earendil
Came down from afar,
The power to defeat this thing
had one little star.

Into the darkness wide she creeped
Back to her murky hole
And safe they were deemed
By the Ringbearer himself

But not even he could tell
What the future would forbear
For as soon as the light
went away,
Shelob returned.

All bound up in her cords,
was Frodo the Ringbearer
being pulled away by the creature

And Samwise the Brave,
Drew his Elven-blade.
He held the glittering thing with his phial.
And with it and his phial,
He cut off Shelob’s leg

And the angry spider launched at him
She nearly crushed Sam
Though his blade pierced through her skin
And nearly killed the creature

Frodo lay, still as death,
And his Ring unprotected

And so Samwise the Brave,
Took the Ring,

For he knew not that Frodo was alive.

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