by Elwing-(V)
Dec. 31, 2003

Give a fond farewell to the passing old Age,
A warm welcome-in to the new…
May the memories of all good things be plenty;
Of trials and tribulations, be there few.
May the stars in the Heavens shine steady and bright
In the deepest dark of cold Winter’s night.
Stoke a gay dancing fire upon your hearth
To chase away chill and warm home and heart.
When new life blossoms and heralds Spring,
Hear all Arda’s children, with their Mother, sing.
Let the silver Moon shining and the golden Sun beaming
Refresh spirit as land from the clear waters streaming.
Enjoy long Summer days of contentment and ease
On soft green grass under shady green trees.
Lying to watch as the clouds float high,
Like swanships at sail in the sea-blue sky.
In Autumn, run crackling through crisp leaves falling…
Live full while you may, for a Shadow comes calling.
Arda seems near to death in her season of sleep,
And the icy embrace claims some Children to keep…
Yet know that while each thing, in its turn, comes to end,
Another new Age will bring Life back again.

Happy 2004
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