On the Field of Gondor's Glory

by Meriadoc-V
January 2001

Unseen, unnoticed in the growing darkness
Tumult of White Horse and Red Serpent stilled
In the greater swooping evil standing before
Small and desperately fearful crawling on
Where despairing Kindness staggers under the Nazgul's mace

How is it the mindless frightened small one crawls
With tiny rune-wrapped sword towards the towering evil
That does not see, does not look, does not care
For aught but to shatter that last wan Light
and so to cast down the World in utter black

Where is my courage now, what desolate fear
Blanks my mind as on I crawl to desperate doom
Unnoticed in King Theoden's wrack and ruin
Thoughtless, unheeding, driven and honor bound
Crawling onwards and somehow striking
No thought to get before the enemy, just strike
As high as I can reach from my trembling knees

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