The Nine Shadows

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
January 13, 2006

Hooded by the night and by shadows cloaked,
the nine Nazgul rode where the elves once walked,
driven by the death of an ending spring
they searched for a hobbit, he who bore the Ring.

Under clouds and stars that caress the flesh,
cries of souls were heard as too was the word
of a dying arrow and one morgul sword
that once cut the halfling with its poisoned edge.

These were the nine shadows bound in morgul spells
creatures of the night with a broken mind,
kings of old they were, thus the story tells,
'til the lidless eye made their hearts go blind.

"Stay off the road", thus Mithrandir said
'cause they ride on steeds that cover the woods
with a wicked color blacker than the hoods
of their very masters, those who greet the dead.

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