by Jerra
Feb. 23, 2002

The One Which Was Lost
A gleaming ring of gold,
Lies under mountain deep,
Thus taken by one,
A miserable creature
A beast, shriveling, dying
By the Ring that seemed
To give its wielder life.

Sméagol, a thieving, wretched monster
Was hard to outwit
But Bilbo managed to
Not only outfox
But take the One Ring
From its hiding place
in its deep, dark cave.

A wretched little thing, seemed Gollum,
Incapable of any harm
But one eve many nights away,
The dishonest scoundrel
In hopes of obtaining
Even news of its trail.

For many days and many nights,
He crept in the moonlight
Into a place where no other darest go,
Shelob’s lair.

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