The Tale of Glorfindel the Golden-Haired
Of the House of the Golden Flower

by Maglor-(V)
July 30, 2001

Of a house of princes, an elven lord,
Tall of helm and bright of sword.
For him the elves ever shed a tear,
For in the escape he guarded the rear.
A Balrog of Morgoth came upon them,
And the following battle is told in many a poem.
Glorfindel the golden-haired of the Golden Flower,
Fought most valiantly in that hour.
Along the cliffs those two fought
And elven victory was very dearly bought.
For when that devil fell from that high place,
So also Glorfindel fell from grace.
Their bodies upon the rocks were broken.
Glorfindel's body was not forsaken
But was borne up by the eagle Thorondor
And the elves buried their savior,
Upon the mountain where cold winds blew
And ever after golden flowers grew
Until the world is made anew.
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