For Elros and Elrond

by Elwing-(V)
March 5, 2000

A Silmaril…liquid light of golden silver, shining globe of silvered gold,
So briefly warm laid in my hands, though forever in my soul I’ll hold.
In danger from the war-torn lands and stormy seas, my enchantment to a winged form
Saved both, and many hours flown returned the wondrous jewel to its proper home.
And yet again my deeds I’d do to see the last Silmaril treasured safe and true…
But broken is my heart, my tears like rain, for such deeds demand great price –
My sons are taken, my own two jewels, gold and silver lights of my life.
If any material reward be offered, I would ask for myself none,
But only for my children do I pray that these things might be done:
Manwe, let them feel the sun and be caressed by gentle airs,
Warm as my kiss upon their cheek, light as my fingers through their hair;
Varda, grant them many twinkling stars all through the night,
To help them keep at bay their darkest terrors and frights.
Ulmo, let your raindrops fall steady yet soft against their skin,
To remind them how I miss them, my sorrow like an ocean deep within;
But also let the pooling waters' music as it rushes to the great seas spreading wide
Sing them a lullaby that speaks their names with my love, happiness, and great pride.
Irmo, give them pleasant dreams, and if I might be in one now and then,
Let them recall me kindly, whose choice of need was made for good, though it feels like sin.
All other Valar, if you might do whatever you can as best you may,
I would once more welcome the dawning of each new day.
And last, great Eru, knowing best a parent’s joys and strifes as Father to all,
If it be your will to grant my prayer, please send a sign, however small,
So this shattered heart could begin to mend, and once again
This voice with glad tidings of great joy would sing.


“Great was the sorrow of Earendil and Elwing for the ruin of the havens of Sirion, and the captivity of their sons, and they feared that they would be slain; but it was not so.  For Maglor took pity upon Elros and Elrond, and he cherished them, and love grew after between them, as little might be thought.”
The Silmarillion (Chapter 24)

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