Farewell to Middle-earth Song

by Tal
March 19, 2002

Farewell now here, dear Middle-earth
Though many years have passed in mirth
When we went singing beneath thy trees
By the soft eve and morning breeze;
Forever our hearts thee shall
Remember as a blinding spell
Of beauty and of living love
By power great of fate above
So long! So long! Beloved land!
Forever blest until the end!

Farewell in sorrow, yet this day
The time for us to sail away
To Elven lands, far in the west
Where all that is shall ever last
Where flow the earth and sky as one
West of the moon, beneath the sun
There our people, dwell in mirth
Amid the bliss on holy earth
And sit in cities fair of old
With silver towers and halls of gold;
We come! We come! Afar now hear!
To live with you O kinfolk dear!

The foam shines, upon the sea
The winds are blowing, loud and free
And in their music, we hear the cry!
Of the white ship that standing by
The stony edge of haven old
And though his pier sad and cold
We must depart at once, away!
To journey long there leads the way
Beyond the sea, to ease and rest
The gulls are calling! Towards the west!
And may the streams us swift shall guide
Through roaring sea though be he wide
We come! We come! O land of bliss!
To dwell amid thy endless peace!
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