Downfall of Darkness Commences

by Manik Raina-TV
March 16, 2004

The Dark Lord having perched upon the tower
gazes at the Middle-earth, unblinking his eye,
seeks he, the One, to augment his power

The black riders, spotted are in the Shire
upon steeds as dark as their motives
Lo, Lord of Isengard too designs to conspire

Those, formerly noble are being tainted
as darkness attempts to become all-in-all
a picture with a supreme Necromancer is painted

Employing bribe, intimidation for seduction
the shadow moves swiftly through the good lands
amongst former comrades, appears the smell of disjunction

The orcs in Mordor are ever more purposeful
suddenly increments their vigor, know they
that even the lofty Istari are now stealthily sinful

No one is secured in goodness, not man, nor dwarf nor elf
ambushed by orcs, running for dear life everywhere
those who are good commence to question their self

Over the Misty Mountains, wounded is Smeagol
wounded his self is, as it is lost, the One all seek
even too this schizoid killer of Deagol

Run chosen hobbits run, the world is changing
say nay to rest and recreation
as iniquity is pandemic and in procreation

The greatest war is imminent say my senses
I hope the downfall of darkness commences

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