The Cry of the Orc

by Laurelin Caline
Feb. 15, 2004

~ If Orcs had a free-will
  what would they be thinking
  and what would they feel? ~
Cries and Screams throughout the night,
but where do they come from
if they are veiled from sight?
I believed I once had a past,
one I do not remember, nor think I want to.
I discovered this at last,
after many years of twisted thought.
I woke up in this nightmare
but was hidden from truth.
I was blind not to see it, but it happened so fast
and perhaps a bit too slow.
My life is now carried out with orders and rules;
I must do what I am told to do.
Master treats us like animals; he says we are all fools
and a race no one cares about.
He uses us as pawns in his evil plan,
one of great destruction; "Leave the World cold and bare."
At first, it seems, it was people it banned,
but it is clear now that it also bans me.
I do not want to go on like this,
it is no way of life at all!
My life is full of bliss,
and belittles my pitiful mind.
What is life, I wonder?
Could it be a faerie tale,
or is it reality?
For me, it does not matter,
because life itself was taken from me
and I was left with something
that is nothing of me.
I am Nothing. At least, not anymore.
Nothing worth remembrance.
Nothing that stands for something right.
But maybe I was something.
Something before that long cold night.
What was the Scream of pain I had heard?
It was me. Yelling inside my mind.
Suffering from the abuse of my free-will.

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