Brave Heart

by Laurelin Caline
Dec. 10, 2003

On and on and on we go,
Through paths and trails we run.
Little birds soar above,
Creating shadows in the Sun.
Today, we unite Man and Elf,
And fly to war to protect the young
From the evil one.
We sing in song
As our past is strung
On a hook and fried in Sun.
Our green gems glow
in the darkness of evil eyes.
Through the battle it is sung
that we would conquer,
but many dies.
To our end we face the horror
as our bones tremble and skin sweat.
Arrows sound in the starless night,
Swords slay creatures in bitter delight.
On and on we fight
Throughout the long, cold night.
We smelt evil in the air
Sauron came out and gave us a scare.
Will we smite this evil smiter?
Can we make the world much brighter?
Then, our hope was restored,
As Isildur took Elendil's sword
He sent blows to the wretched beast
Then he fell, but was not deceased.
Victory! Victory! We have VICTORY!!
So say the many,
and we become
men in tales and hymns sung
of how we defeated the evil one.
On we live to tell the tale,
they sit with eager faces.
And listen to what we have to say
about the world of war
and many places.
Then we die,
with honored faces,
a twinkle in eye,
and a brave heart.
In despair, many sigh.
We have come to this world and played our part,
but now we depart.
We are Men of Pride and Dignity.

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