Bitter End

by Laurelin Caline
August 4, 2003
Ai! The autumn comes and we won’t get far.
Our faces have saddened and our singing soft.
We leave our old homes and remember our loss.
Beauty to be dawned and light will be dimmed.
As we flee from our lands we remember one thing:
The weeping of our children and the laughter of a king.

Ai! Our footsteps are trekking near and far.
Danger is at our feet, and we leave in regret.
Whispers tell us about the lands we left in our past
And in our sadness we seek them now
Yearning for peace and light again!

Ai! Through lands of many homes we traveled to our end.
Our voices glistening like weary birds,
And our homes of our fathers bend.
Now as we walk they crumble now
And as we sing we weep in our almost dieing hearts
Hoping that love we’ll meet again!

Ai! The crown of our forbearers blend.
As we draw to the bay hope is restored for us now.
We leave to the Undying lands and to our past home.
The journey flows far, but we may find it still!

Námarië! Námarië our sweet lands of ago. We will never return, but of you we sing! once in our lullaby!

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