Nan Curunir

Music, lyrics, and voice by Marc Fawcett aka Glorfindel-(V)
February 9, 2008

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Nan Curunir

wisdom wears a subtle robe
but the one who's dressed in red
is blinded by self-flattery
while his enemy shakes his head.


Cunning of mind
Man of Skill
The Wizard of
Nan Curunir

Maker of Rings
Sower of Lies
Traitor to Friends
Master of Disguise

Slave Driver
Far Seer
Seductive Liar
Foul Breeder

Lust for power
Greed for glory
Misery from gladness
Wisdom to madness

Once White
But now a blur
In the Wizard's Vale
Nan Curunir


Guarding towers
And walls rise
Holes are made
Smoke flies

Trees fall
Engines turn
Armies gather
Fires burn

What once was green
Will turn to brown
Who once was high
Will hit the ground

Betrayed by hope
Deceived by fear
The Old Villain
of Nan Curunir

The morning was bright
Now grim and pale
Doom Falls
On The Wizard's Vale