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Maps of Tolkien's world have been mostly removed from the Internet at the request of the Tolkien estate lawyers, even when the map is not made by Tolkien, and the map maker makes no money as is the usual case. Some maps may later be licensed by the Tolkien estate and back online. In hope of this, I have not removed the links although they may be down currently.

Annals of Arda: Maps - Star map still available, others had to be dropped. Beautiful Tolkien map page. Amillo scanned and coloured them, rewrote names and made some small updates and paintings, some of which were scanned and some his own. The Middle-earth map is Pauline Baine's slightly altered.: by Amillo-(Valar)/ Elatan-(Valar). Licensing attempted.
Arathorn's Middle-earth  maps -  Three maps still available: Black and White Middle-earth Third Age, colored version, wallpaper colored map. (See also for credit and new work: Map of Middle-earth below.) Arathorn's map list is below the Counter-Strike mod and movie promo flash trailer.. : by Arathorn-(Valar)
Carte de la Terre du Milieu - huge map of Middle-earth, much detail, during the time of the War of the Ring, very useful.  English version still up! Version 7. Gold Book for emails. Links to French fan sites: by T.J.-(TV)
Council of Elrond - Movie fan site with parts that also work for the book fans: languages, Elrond's Library which is and includes an encyclopedia, maps, art. Fanfic. Poems that come straight from the books. Site suggested by a member of the Manwe realm of the communities, Matt Knutson. I'm having trouble reaching this site, but some other people can reach it.
Gecko Artist : Jonatan Alvarsson
    Map of the Shire - Removed due to lawyers. Huge, colored, digital map of the Shire (Gallery 2) by Jonatan Alvarsson
    Map of Arda - Removed due to lawyers. Huge, colored, digital map of Arda in the Third Age (Gallery 2), by Jonatan Alvarsson
Fangorn Area - Removed due to lawyers. Artist Steven White Jr. Rolozo Tolkien page
Files - downloadable clickable Tolkien map included with other files. LotR Map, zipped, found by Makar. Valar Guild page by Aule
Laketown Overview Map by Henning Janssen. Rolozo Tolkien page
LotR Maps - Removed due to lawyers, whole site. Large selection of Middle-earth maps collected for fun, hosted by the Shadows of Isildur MUD, useful to all who need maps. Page by r3t aka Jeroen
Map of Middle-earth - interactive map by Daniel Reeve.
Map of Rohan, Gondor up to Mordor - Removed due to lawyers. "CJRT-RGM_map" Artist Donald Aehl. Rolozo Tolkien page 
JRR Tolkien Middle Earth Lord of the Rings - Still up. Map at the time Frodo set forth. By David Dow from the Rolozo page
Map of Middle-earth - Map project. Still up. New location. Old location. Scalable, vector drawn, PDF maps. Located by Arathorn-(V) who also put some on his site.  by lotrmap(AT)     
Shire Post - Still up. Includes maps of the Shire and areas nearby. Message board including role-play style stories. Sells fantasy and science fiction coins and stamps.
Turgon's Tolkien Site - Still up. Maps of Middle-earth and Beleriand included. Site by Menelvagor-(Valar) fka Turgon-(V).
Rolozo's Tolkien Map Collection : Removed due to lawyers. Since the maps had to leave, enjoy the massive amount of fan art still available on the  Rolozo Tolkien site.
r3t's LotR Maps - Removed entire site due to lawyers. Huge map collection with forum . Forum also removed.