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Sauron's Blog
    Recommended by Elatan-(Valar) and Indis-(V). Middle-earth history from Sauron's point of view! Some language may not be suitable for young children, as might be expected from the Dark Lord.

The One Thousand Word Silmarillion
, originally posted on Camwyn's live journal.

Boromir's Plan: The Catapult to Mordor.
Animated gifs in order of watching. First two contributed by Arwen-(V) Feb. 1, 2005, art from Askesis.org page. Third contributed by Ar-Pharazon-(V) Feb. 6, 2005. Art from Imageshack page.
    Entering Mordor  
Catapult to Mordor
    Catapult to Mordor #2 (Bad language)

WoW in LotR form
**DISCLAIMER** This art contains scenes of explicit bad language, viewing is at your own risk **DISCLAIMER**
Contributed by Meriadoc-(V) approx. oct 2005. Art from expectnothing.com forums. Artist unknown, if you know the artist, please send it to the page maintainers so it can be credited properly.

Condensed Parody Scripts
Fellowship  Two Towers  Return of the King : Links suggested by Ar-Pharazon-V and Scatha-V:
    The above are on Mollyringwraith's page, and Lemonlye's also for Two Towers. Author: Molly Winter aka Mollyringwraith aka Lemonlye

Engrish the Two Towers Captions: movie captions garbled when translated from Japanese to English in a bootleg Asian LotR copy, screengrabs. "Engrish" often used to occur in product manuals. Link suggested by Gelmir-(V) Lots of movie photos. May show Planet Mirror before going to the site.

Hobbits Live - Comics section. Plenty of other goodies too.

The Lord of the... whatever -  in their words: "Now those who refuse to purchase J.R.R. Tolkien's epic novel The Lord of the Rings in print form, but are seeking an electronic copy to download instead, can get exactly what they deserve!" Cauton: swearing, vulgarity. Hey, it's a humor page.

Secret Diaries - no longer present.
Secret Diaries listed in a well-organized fashion by Ealasaid with the author's permission.
Secret Diaries on the author's Live Journal. Diaries of people in LotR. Caution: includes gay jokes as well as manly stubble and zits.  By Cassandra Claire.
Secret Diaries includes Cassandra Claire's originals plus additions by Mr. Kibble and Joe.

Teemings Extra  - Large collection: What if the Lord of the Rings had been written by someone else? 592 parodies at the time of this link. Page made from the Straight Dope Message Board to prevent the excess server usage this generated. Original thread. Thanks to Ar-Pharazon-(V) for locating this link.

Thumbnail Guide to RotK (the Movie): Script for busy people. Link suggested by Arathorn-(V). by Big Arm Woman

Tolkien Sarcasm Page , including Tolkien Crackpot Theories  The apparently serious links aren't. : by O. Sharp

LotR in leet speak   How LotR would look like in leet speak. found by Haleth-(V). By Lady Cyllíeth, found on The Fantasy Forum.

Humorous Remarks on the Movie: Link provided by Haleth-(V). Written by Dr. Oxford, fictional character.
After consideration, Varda and I found the entire list a bit too much resembling someone just flaming, so we put our favorite quotes from that page on the text humor section, plus the link if you're willing to brave our warning.

Lord of the Rings: Retarded Amusement
. Includes Got Milk with Legolas. by Laine

You Tube recommendations:
    Gimli destroys the One Ring - suggested by Maedhros-(V) and seconded by Sauron-(Valar)

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