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How to send in your own story
    Email your story to Varda-(Valar). Erase the words "NOSPAM" at the beginning of the email.
    The story must be set in Tolkien's universe. Please check capitalization, spelling, grammar, and references first. Complete work is preferred, although we have a section for works in progress. Editing and help is available.
    Any Tolkien fan may send in a story, related to anything written by J.R.R.T. or Christopher Tolkien. This page is a service of the Valar Guild for all Tolkien fans. We reserve the right not to use material.
    "What if" or "Alternate Universe" stories should be labeled as such. Most of ours are "fill in the holes" or "it could have happened".

    Any length is welcome. We have been given generous donations of server space by Alatar-(Valar), AuSteinM-(TV), and Farmer Maggot-(V)..
    Drabble: 100 words. A drabble is a challenge form, a very short story with a particular feeling in mind that could have happened in the actual books. For example, show an incident that could have happened in Tolkien' world pointing out humor, beauty, love of family, or honor in a hundred or so words. A perfect drabble is exactly one-hundred words and still puts the idea across clearly. It is the nearest form of prose to poetry for its intensity.
    Double Drabble: 200 words.
    Sudden fiction: 100 - 1,500 words. Very strong voice like an outcry.
    Short story: 1,500 - 30,000 words. More plot.
    Novella: 30,000 - 50,000 up to 55,000 words. Strong plot, characterization, setting.
    Novel: 55,000 - 300,000. Complex interweaving plots, deep characterization, strong settings almost like more characters.
    Normal novel length: 80,000 - 100,000 words. Beyond that, print publishers must spend a lot more. Luckily, online the only problem is reader stamina.
    Beyond 300,000: You've probably written a book plus sequels that started back around 100,000. Consider dividing it.

    Illustrations are welcome, but please name the story or stories for which you intended them, and give credit to the artist. If it's your original work, let us know if we have permission to put it in the Tolkien Site's art section under your name, from which it may also be linked to articles, poetry, stories, and humor. If you don't like where it's linked, say so and it will be removed, or state ahead of time that it is only for one purpose, which will then be stated in the Cave for future editing reference.
    Any story may receive illustration in the future by an artist who enjoyed it, or by a link to appropriate art. The art will usually be kept in the Glittering Caves of Aglarond with a link back to the story. 

How to Comment on a Story:
    Email Varda (webmaster, editor) to have your comment posted with the story. She will also forward it to the author if possible.
    Email the author to comment just to the author. The author's last known email is listed on the author's individual page, along with links to that person's other stories, poems, and articles. Erase NOSPAM
    The forum's section for stories allows comments. Please mention the story name and author.


    Please abuse not  our authors who own the copyrights as shown by the date. Give them credit for their original work. It would also be a kindness to let this webmaster know your URL for a link back from our Links page and so that the author may be informed that someone (you) liked his or her work.
    This page began June 10, 2000.

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