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    Pentangle, also known as grampke and as Pentangle-linnon, is a fellow Tolkien fan.
    Her work may also be seen on the websites:
        Naice a Nilme (always posts here first for friendship) with its associated Aragorn Angst forum
        Teitho contests.
    She writes a Young Estel series (pre-FotR) and Teitho contest entries, and has started work on fiction set in the Silmarillion.
    Intends *words* to be in italics.

What of the reaction to Aragorn of the people, who hardly knew anything of their latest ruler? One man's viewpoint.
Teitho contest entry for March 2006, under "Gratitude".
Follows shortly after the crowning of the King, but before the departure of the funeral escort for King Theoden.
1 chapter
Posted here March 16, 2006. Posted to forum Aragorn-Legolas: The Mellon Chronicles on  March 12, 2006. Permission given by Pentangle.

List of other fiction by Pentangle:

"Young Estel" Series in order of happening, not writing:
"Five Words in Winter" Legolas fears the darkness of despair but is given hope through an ancient Silvan ritual.
"Legolas Meets Estel" (in progress; unposted)
"Choosing" (Estel is 13)
"He Was a Bra' Gallant" (Estel is 13)
the "Buried" series: (Estel is fifteen )
    "Buried: Descent"
    "Buried: Revelation"
    "Buried: Ascension"
"Enchain" (Estel is 16)

Other fics: (mostly written for the Teitho contests )

Humor (in same setting as the "Young Estel" fics above)
"Paltering" (tied for third place)
"Belly Butter" (Estel as small child)

"Ceremonial" (first place in Teitho contest)
"Blood Weald" (second place)
"Merry Christmas Betas" (a silly Christmas present to my and all other betas)

The start of the Sil fics
    These are just two drabbles (in chronological order as listed) that don't mean much as yet, but are the prologues to two stories, one set in Gondolin and the other in the beginning of the 3rd Age, in Imladris. When I get a chance I will put them under one title to reduce clutter.

"First Impression"

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