by Liek
January 29, 2006
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    "Maitimo…" The sad sound of the hesitating voice cut through his rage, it removed the red haze in front of his eyes, and it turned the world back into its colorless grey.
    "Macalaure." The answer sounded short, cold and heartless, and he did not recognize his own voice.
    "They are twins, Maitimo..."
    "I know." He knew why his hand had hesitated. The faces looking up to him were painfully alike. Like two other faces that were lost to them forever, that would never look up again…
    "Ambarto… Ambarussa…" His brother spoke the words that were on his mind also. The faces of the two children changed, their hair turned red like his.
    "I know." How could a voice so heartless now sound so soft?
    "Oh Maitimo, what are we to do?" His brother's voice was a mere whisper.
    "I do not know." his voice sounded raw, broken. His world had changed; it had lost its color, its beauty… Fire had consumed it all.
    He dropped his blade and stared at Eärendil's sons once more.
    How was he to know what to do?
    Was it not proven he made mistakes?
    Was it NOT proven?
    "I do not know, Macalaure…  You decide."

Author's Note:
    Maitimo = Maedhros
    Macalaure = Maglor
    Ambarto & Ambarussa = Amrod & Amras
    Earendil's sons: Elrond and Elros.. duh...
Thanks to Niniel for being both my beta and my twin

Stories > Liek's Stories