Winter in Imladris

by Jay of Lasgalen
December 31, 2008

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Elrohir laughed as he bent to scoop up a handful of newly fallen snow to fling at his brother.  Elladan ducked, and the missile flew over his head to find another target.

Elrohir looked up in horror as Glorfindel blinked snow from his eyelashes.  “Elrohir!  Was that you?”

Elrohir gave a jerky nod.  “I’m sorry, Glorfindel.  I didn’t mean to hit you.”  He glared at his brother.  “But it was all Elladan’s fault, really.”

As Elladan spluttered indignantly, Glorfindel looked down.  “Really?  And how do you work that out?”

Elrohir shrugged as if it was obvious.  “He shouldn’t have ducked!