To See The Sea

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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He passed through the Tower Hills.  There before him, he saw it at last – exactly as imagined, as tales of childhood fantasy told.  The Sea.  A wide expanse of water, glistening in the sunlight, vanishing into the West beyond his sight.

At the Havens, he trotted onto the docks, watching in awe as sailors coiled ropes, unfurled sails, prepared to set sail.  One looked up and hailed him.  “You there!  You looking for a job?  We need someone small, nimble; to climb into the rigging.  Think you can do it?”

Eager, he nodded.  “Aye, sir!”

“Your name?”

“Isengar.  Isengar Took.”

Author's Note:  For the ‘Life Aquatic’ challenge on Tolkien Weekly.   
Isengar Took  (Pippin’s great-uncle) is said to have ‘gone to sea’ in his youth.
Editor's Note: Isengar Took lived T.A. 2862 - T.A. 2960.