Time To Depart

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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Aragorn, last in a long line of fosterlings, was gone.  Arwen, always their little sister, had passed.  With the deaths of their sister, and one they had loved like a brother, there was nothing to bind them to Middle Earth any longer; nothing to stay for.  Even Imladris was fading and dying.  The ravages of time could no longer be denied.

Pausing only long enough to pack essentials for the journey, and mementoes they could not bear to leave behind, they consigned fair Imladris to the care of those who remained.  They rode for the havens, arriving at dusk, the long firth shining ahead of them, glimmering softly in the moonlight.

Cirdan greeted them. “Welcome to Mithlond, my lords.  You have been expected.  We sail at dawn.”  Nodding to the grey-bearded shipwright,  they boarded the ship, feeling deep sorrow and loss at the memory of all those who would never now join them.  Yet amid the sadness there was hope – expectation of joyous reunion with those long missed who had gone before, anticipation of a new land to explore – and they would always be together.

 As dawn broke,  the ship slipped away down the long grey firth to the sea.