The Wood Of Greenleaves

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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The devastated forest still smouldered as Thranduil saw Celeborn approaching, as weary as he was himself, but wearing a fierce smile. “I bring news.  Galadriel has seen them – Legolas is safe,” he said in greeting.

Thranduil’s weariness and sorrow vanished.  “Thank the Valar,” he whispered.  “Thank you for your aid, cousin – and your lady.  The shadow of evil that has blighted my forest for so long is gone.”

“This is Mirkwood no longer,” Celeborn observed.  “You should rename it.”

Eryn Lasgalen.  One day, the leaves will be green again.”

Eryn Lasgalen.  A new name.  A new year.  A new hope.