The Prisoner

by Jay of Lasgalen
October 15, 2007


“But he is a poor, wretched creature – should we not show him our sympathy?  He will never change if he knows only darkness and cruelty!”

Thranduil paused for a long time, considering his son’s words.  Compassion was a virtue – and a folly – of the young.  At last he spoke.  “No.  His malice is too great.  I know what Mithrandir bade us, but I will not allow this Gollum the chance of escape.  He must remain within the dungeons, under close guard.”

Legolas bowed stiffly.  “As you wish, my father.  He will not leave.  I will guard him myself, I swear.”

Author Note:  AU drabble based on what Tokien didn't write, for the Tolkien Weekly 'Different Decisions' challenge.