The Politics Of Gardening

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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Elrond sat cross-legged beneath a tree in the garden of Bag End, watching Sam hard at work.

“You look hot, Sam,”  Elrond commented.  “I confess, when it comes to gardening, I prefer watching others labour.”

Sam joined him in the shade, surveying the garden proudly.  “My old Da were a terror on weeds and such – but I prefer a more liberal approach.  Even weeds have their place, I reckon.”

The door opened, and Sam’s little niece flew across the green lawn.  “A ’tory, Uncle!  A ’tory!” she lisped.

Sam settled her on his lap.  “Aye,”  he agreed comfortably.  “A story.”


    Author’s Note:  A birthday drabble for paranoidangel (Nic), who is a fellow Review Admin at HASA.  She requested Elrond and Sam, so I’ve pretended that Elrond visited the Hobbits at some point.
    Her birthday’s on May 5th, a significant date in the UK as it is the General Election.  I’ve played with that idea a little!
    In case you're not familiar with the references I've made, look out for the three main political parties:  Labour, Liberal (Liberal Democrats) and Tory (Conservative).