The Darkness Behind

by Jay of Lasgalen
May 26, 2007

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As he stepped through the doorway, utter darkness fell upon him.  His torch cast a tiny, fitful circle of light, but the shadow beyond was oppressive.  Somewhere ahead walked the rest of the company with Aragorn at their head, and Elrohir at his side – yet their torches were lost in the ever deepening gloom.

Behind him … behind him was shadow, and darkness, and a sullen muttering of restless voices.  Dread clawed at his spine as he heard a heavy step behind him, until he risked a glance downwards.

“Walk with me, master dwarf.  We will guard the rear together.”

Author's Note:
    "Written for the Tolkien Weekly 'Behind' challenge.  In The Passing Of the Grey Company, and the Paths of the Dead, Tolkien tells us that Elladan was at the rear, but that Gimli was behind him.  It intrigued me, and it was a pairing I've never tried before."