Summer Solstice

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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Midsummer in the Greenwood.  A time of magic, when it scarcely seemed to grow dark at all – no sooner had the sun set, then it rose again.  It made the few brief hours of starlight all the more magical.

Thranduil’s queen was as radiant as ever; but on this night, something more primal stirred within him.  It reminded him of the night of a harvest moon, when another new life had joined them.  He glanced down at the child curled asleep on his lap, exhausted by the festivities, and bent to place a kiss on his cheek, before turning to the elf-maid at his side.  “Mireth, would you please put Legolas to bed?”  His eyes caught Telparian’s, and he swallowed.  “I think – we may be some time.”

Mireth nodded and scooped the elfling into her arms.  “Goodnight, my lord – my lady.”  She smiled suddenly.  “May Yavanna bless you!”

 He took his wife by the hand, leading her away from the music and feasting, into the shelter of his beloved trees and the warm, fragrant darkness.  A touch, a caress, a kiss, and she was in his arms, clinging to him.

“Will you celebrate Midsummer with me, my Lady?” he whispered.

Author's Note:  Yavanna is the Giver of Fruits - so her blessing may well be sought by those wanting to create a child.