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Meeting in Bree

by Jay of Lasgalen 
May 27, 2007, re-posted May 4, 2012

It was a rainy day in March when Aragorn met with his brothers at the Pony. He shook himself in a shower of raindrops, hanging his cloak over a chair to dry. “Well, I’m back.”

Elladan sniffed and grimaced. “So I see. What is that foul smell, littlest brother? It is like …” he sniffed again. “Damp dog.”

“A wet warg,” Elrohir added distastefully.

“It is my wolfskin cloak!” Aragorn protested. “I know it smells a little in damp weather, but it is warm, and keeps the rain out!”

He sighed. His brothers could be so very Elven at times.