Laketown Romeo

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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Marten eyed the elf-maid drunkenly.  She was tall and slender, the prettiest elf-maid he’d ever seen – but that weren’t many, admittedly.  And her hair –  long, blonde, silky, it shone like – like sunlight, he thought, in a sudden poetic burst.

Seizing his chance, Marten weaved over to the elf-maid, laying his hand on her arm. “ ’Ello, gorgeous,” he slurred winningly.

He found his hand held in a vice-like grip.  “Remove your hand, ere I remove it for you!” snapped a hard voice.  Startled, Marten looked up – into a beautiful, cold, undeniably male face.

“Your pardon, sir – ‘twas an honest mistake!”