Important Business

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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The cat opened one eye indignantly as her sleep, in a patch of bright sunlight on the sun-warmed flagstones, was disturbed.  She heard the heavy clump of booted feet, very different to the familiar soft steps of the elves.  There were deep, gruff voices, harsh to her ears after the light, musical voices she was used to.

There was peace for a while as the one she thought of as her elf spoke, and she dozed again, ignoring the discussion that followed.  All was well if he was here.  Suddenly she awoke with a start and hissed, her fur standing on end in fear.  A harsh, menacing voice was speaking in some foul tongue.  The sunlight faded, and a sense of evil hung in the air.  Then her elf spoke again, gently reprimanding, and she felt the dark shadows lift.  There was more talk, then a heavy, ringing silence.  Finally another voice spoke, soft and resigned, rather sad.

Her elf spoke again in reply, and then – finally! – the intruders were gone, and silence descended once more.  The pointless, irritating  discussions were over.  Contented, the cat curled into another patch of sun, and got back to the important business of sleeping.