Great Minds Think Alike

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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Elrohir rolled over and peered at the other bed.  Elladan was still asleep.  He groped under his pillow, and found the jewel-hilted dagger that was to be Elladan’s begetting day gift.  It was the only safe hiding place, so obvious that his twin would never think to look there.  He slid out of bed and crossed to Elladan’s, tugging the covers off abruptly.

Elladan sat up with a startled yell.  He sighed, then fished beneath his pillow and held out a felt-covered object.  “Happy begetting day, Elrohir!”

Carefully, Elrohir unwrapped it, smiling at the jewel-hilted dagger revealed. “Happy thirtieth, Elladan.”