Grammar Lessons

by Jay of Lasgalen  

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Elrond paid little attention at first to the whispers on the edge of his hearing, concentrating instead on the viciously complex treatise before him.

“Go on – ask!  While he’s distracted.  He’s more likely to agree.”

Elladan appeared by his elbow.  “Ada?  Can me and El go to the river to swim?”

“El and I,”  Elrond corrected absently.  Then he caught himself.  “I mean Elrohir and I.”

Elrohir and I,”  Elladan repeated dutifully.

Satisfied, he nodded.  “Yes.”

Two bewitching smiles broke out.  “We can?  Thank you, Ada!”  The twins raced out, leaving Elrond feeling uneasy.

What had he just agreed to?