Far from Home

by Jay of Lasgalen
October 5, 2007

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Elladan looked out onto the silent, shrouded land.  “They will be celebrating Midwinter at home.”

Elrohir nodded.  “I know.”

“Perhaps – if we had not pursued that last band of orcs, we could have been back by now.”

Elrohir nodded again.  “I know.”  He joined Elladan at the entrance to the cave. The night was clear, still, and piercingly cold.  High above, a faint glimmer of light caught his eye. 

“Look – the first star!”  His words were echoed by Elladan as always, recalling happier times.  “Happy Midwinter, El.”   He sighed.  “Next year – we should be at home.”

Elladan nodded.  “I know.”

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