by Jay of Lasgalen  

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“You are so very beautiful.”

Elladan froze in his quiet corner of the gardens as he heard his brother’s voice.  Elrohir, clearly oblivious to his presence, continued.  “Your hair is like the finest silk – the colour of a fresh chestnut.  I love you, you know.”

Elladan squirmed with acute embarrassment.  He had no wish to be an unintentional eavesdropper, but was torn by a mix of curiosity and, he had to admit, a surge of jealousy.  Who was this girl who had stolen his brother’s heart?  Why had Elrohir never even mentioned her?   And how had he remained unaware of this burgeoning romance?  He and Elrohir shared everything.

Elrohir continued.  “You are the best I have ever had – and I have had many.”

Elladan blushed scarlet, shocked beyond words.  He could stand it no longer.  He cleared his throat, coughing loudly.  “Elrohir!”  he cried in a strangled gasp.

Elrohir’s voice broke off, and he peered around the bushes with a grin.  “El!  I did not know you were there.  Come and see her.”

Deeply reluctant, Elladan trailed numbly after his brother.

“There!  Is she not beautiful?”

Elladan stared, blushing again.  His knees felt weak.  “You were talking to your horse?”