by Jay of Lasgalen  

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When we are summoned to our father’s study on that last day, I know what he will ask.  “I ride tomorrow for the Havens.  Have you made your choice, my sons?  Do you sail with me, or stay?”

I do not need to look at Elrohir before I answer for us both.  “We will stay.”  I see such a depth of sadness and grief in his eyes, but no surprise.  He feared that this would come one day.

“We will stay for now,” Elrohir amends.  “We will stay for Aragorn and Arwen.  Until – until the end.  And then, if the Valar allow it, we will join you.”

Father smiles faintly.  “Do you know if such a delay will be permitted?”

I hesitate for the first time.  “No.  Not yet.  It may be that we delay too long, and our choice will be taken from us.  But we are both agreed on this.”

“Surely you did not expect us to be parted?”  Elrohir adds.

“No. Never that.”  He steps towards us and we embrace, all three.  “I will wait for you, my sons.  But this may yet be farewell.  Have you thought of that?”

Helplessly, I nod.  “I know.  Namárië, Father.”