A Brother's Prayer

by Jay of Lasgalen

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    The room is in near darkness now, lit only by a faint firelight.  The flames are dying – no!  I will not use that word! – yet you remain pale and unmoving, your only colour a faint flush of fever.
    It seems I have been at your side for an eternity, holding you, calling you.  I talk incessantly, until I weary of my own voice, offering you an anchor, something to cling to when you finally cease your desperate wanderings in nightmare.  I try to follow you,  to show you the path of return, but you are lost to me, lost in darkness.  I cannot find you.
    Please, my brother, hear my voice.  Come back to me, to all of us, wake from your dreams of darkness and return to the light.  Where are you?  What evil thoughts haunt your dreams?  Why do you not wake?
    My fear grows that you are lost to us, and I fear for the future.  I do not think I could continue alone, without you at my side, for we have been together all our lives – yet I know our parents could not endure a double loss.
    I love you, El.  Please do not leave me.