A Large, Bold Hand

by Jay of Lasgalen 
January 16, 2008

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As he finished his letter, Elrohir became aware of someone hovering by his elbow.   He glanced down at the diminutive figure, groping for a name.


“At your service!” the Dwarf responded.  “Your lord father said I could browse among your archives of Dwarvish history …”  He broke off.  “That’s beautiful,”  he added.


“Your writing.”

Elrohir had never regarded his handwriting as particularly beautiful – indeed, Erestor had often likened it to a spider’s crawl.  “The Elvish script, you mean?”

Ori nodded.  “The way it flows – like rippling water.”

He smiled.  “Would you like to learn how to write it?”

Author’s Notes:  ‘[Ori] could write well and speedily, and often used the Elvish characters’ – Gimli, in ‘The Bridge Of Khazad-Dûm’.