Letters from Elrohir

Letter to Taniquel

by Jay of Lasgalen
March 25, 2008

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Imladris, 10 Víressë, 2509

Dear Taniquel,

I was so sorry to miss you when I came to Lasgalen a few months ago.  It was only because of the chance of seeing you again that I agreed to deliver the message to Thranduil myself – but I found you gone on a long patrol.   Perhaps foolishly, I decided to return home immediately but ran into bad weather and even worse luck.

To cut a very long story short, I was lucky to escape with my life.  Poor Mornaur was killed, and it was fortunate that Elladan found me in time or I would have faced a similar fate.  Do not worry, Tani – I am well now and completely healed, though Elladan still fusses over me like an old mother hen – with the sole purpose of annoying me, I am sure.

Can you tell that he was reading that as I wrote?  He has gone now, muttering that next time he will leave me on the mountainside.  I know he worries, and I would have been equally concerned for him, but there are times when he goes too far!

However, now that I have recovered, I would love to be able to see you again.  I miss you, Tani, and I miss your friendship and laughter.  There are many maidens here who are paraded before me by ambitious mothers in the hope that they will catch my eye – but none of them are you.  They pretend polite interest in anything I say, agree with everything and laugh prettily – but none of them argue with me or laugh at me.  They are all far more interested in ‘Lord Elrond’s son’ than they are in me.  You have always accepted me for myself, Tani – not as Elrond’s son, or ‘one of the twins’, but just as me.  Perhaps it was because of our unconventional introduction – it must be hard to take seriously someone who has fallen into enchanted waters and nearly drowned before your eyes!  And no, I still do not recall the event myself – but Elladan delights in teasing me about it whenever I mention your name. 

These pretty, polite, painted maidens have made me realise something, and I want to see you again.  My duties here – delayed because of my injuries – will keep me busy for some time, and Elladan and I are to escort Mother to Lothlórien in the summer.  But after that I will be free to travel to Lasgalen again.  I will write to you again nearer the time, and I will also beg Thranduil not to send you off on patrol then.  There is a most important question I need to ask you.

With much love,


(Author Note:  The events Elrohir describes at the beginning of the letter are in 'Night On A Bare Mountain', but it's not necessary to have read that.)