Letters from Elrohir

Letter to Glorfindel

by Jay of Lasgalen

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Caras Galadhon, 29 Yavannië, 2860

Greetings, Captain!

As you can see, we have arrived safely here in Lórien.   Elladan and I made the decision to take the Glanduin/Nimrodel pass, but I do not think it will serve as an alternative route to the east.  It is too steep and dangerous to use except in great need.   It is much higher than the Redhorn, and the air seems thin – at times it felt harder to breathe. 

Our hope that the route would prove safer was also futile – it too is infested with orcs, and we were attacked as we neared the Nimrodel.  We fought them off with no losses and only minor injuries, but we were very fortunate.  The orcs outnumbered us two to one, and their knives and arrows were poisoned.  Glorfindel, we must ensure that every warrior carries the antidotes we have developed at all times.  I took a slight cut on my arm, and without the remedy, may well have lost the use of it.  You can assure father that our antidote does indeed work, though I would have preferred not to experiment on myself!

The news from Lórien is grim – the border patrols have suffered many losses this year.   Last month Vandil was killed in a sudden attack, along with his entire patrol.  I know you will remember him well.  Their deaths are a tragic loss, and I have expressed our sorrow to Vandil’s wife.  I fear, though, that he will not be the last. 

Haldir now leads the western marches.  He is young, but has risen to the challenge well, and his brothers seem equally promising

My grandparents have asked Arwen to visit them soon.  Although it troubles me that she will be travelling through the mountain passes, I know she longs to see them.  But if she does come here, Elladan and I will escort her ourselves.   I know it is foolish, but we simply cannot entrust her safety to anyone else. 

Our work with the healers here will soon be done, as soon as I am sure they can prepare the antidote themselves.  And then we will be making our way home again, before the winter snows.

Keep Imladris safe for us.

Until then,