Letters from Elrohir

Letter to Elladan: Choice

by Jay of Lasgalen
March 25, 2008

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Imladris, 7 Ringarë, FA 20

Dear Elladan

It seems strange to be writing a letter to you when I bade you good night only moments ago – but you will not talk to me, brother!  When I try to speak of this, you change the subject or avoid me entirely.

I have given much thought lately to our choice, though I know you fear the consequences of that decision.   Do we take the path of the Edain and stay among the wonders of Arda that we love so well?  Or do we choose the life of the Eldar and sail for the unknown beauties of Valinor, to meet again with Mother and Father?

I have thought long and hard about this, my brother – afraid to make an irrevocable choice that could part us forever.  Yet it suddenly came to me tonight that it is not a hard choice at all – my path is now clear and I find my decision is already made.

I choose to stay with you, Elladan.  Although my heart yearns to sail, if you decide to stay here in Middle-earth then I will stay with you, and we will watch the children of Arwen and Estel, and their children’s children, grow and flourish before we finally face old age and death together.

I realised that my greatest fear (indeed, my only fear) was to be parted from you.  I could not bear to be sundered as Father and Elros were – for what is the point of eternity if you are not by my side?

So, my brother, my heart is finally at peace.  My choice is simple, and already made.  Whether we sail or stay, I care not – as long as we are together.

Your brother, always