Letters from Elrohir

Letter to Elladan

by Jay of Lasgalen
January 6, 2008

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My Dearest Brother,

This – this is a letter which I pray to all the Valar that you never have to read.  If you do, then I am dead and you have survived whatever catastrophe befell me.   I have tried to imagine myself in the same situation – but cannot bear the grief and sorrow that even the mere thought brings.    I cannot imagine the anguish you must be enduring now, but you are strong, Elladan – far stronger than I am.  You can endure this.

I realise that it may be some time before you can bear to read this – years, even.   Perhaps you will never bring yourself to read it.  But if and when you do, remember the good times, not the end.  Remember the fun and laughter we shared, the constant companionship, the times when we tried to confuse Glorfindel or Erestor.  Remember as well all the times I drove you mad with my stubbornness – bloody mindedness, you called it – and the times we argued and fought as well.  Remember that I love you, and always will, even now.

Elladan, I believe that one day we will be reunited beyond the circles of the world, and we will be together again as we always were.

Until that time comes,

I am your loving brother, friend and twin,