Letters from Elrohir

Letter to Arwen

by Jay of Lasgalen
March 23, 2008

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Caras Galadhon, 29 Yavannië, 2860

My Dearest Sister,

Well, we have arrived safely in Lórien, and Grandmother and Grandfather send their love.   Our journey took us a little further south than usual – El and I really do not care to travel the Redhorn Pass now unless we must – so we came to Lórien through the Glanduin/Nimrodel pass, in the hope that we can use it as an alternative.  Unfortunately it is probably too steep and dangerous to use regularly,  but the view to the south as the mountains fall away to the plains of Rohan is spectacular.  Our journey was not quite without incident – there are always scavenging bands of orcs – and we were attacked as we descended to the source of the Nimrodel. 

Do not fear, little sister!  We fought them off with no losses, though I took a slight cut to my arm.  As you know, the orcs tend to use poison on their blades, and the cut itches like fury – but you can assure Father that the antidote works, and it is healing well.  Even Elladan admits it! 

Your friend Haldir is doing very well for himself.  He has been promoted to captain of the western marches, and defends the border between Lórien and the Mountains.  He still remembers you very fondly though, and asked after you constantly.  The poor fellow became quite tongue-tied when El offered to deliver a message to you – it is clear he still holds a great affection for you.  Are you ever going to put him out of his misery and agree to marry him? 

As I say, Grandmother and Grandfather send their love, and ask that you come to stay with them soon.   Tell Father that we will be home before long, and if you wish we can escort you to Lórien in the spring.  Until then, 

Your loving brother,