Letters from Elrohir

Letter to Arathorn

by Jay of Lasgalen
March 25, 2008

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The Prancing Pony, Bree, 9 Narië 2929

Greetings, Arathorn my brother,

I was delighted to receive your last letter – it was waiting when Elladan and I returned through Bree after our last patrol.  It is wonderful to hear that Dírhael has at last given his consent for you to marry his daughter, and we were delighted by your request.   Never let it be said that we told you so, but just remember that your brothers always know best.  (Elladan wishes me to add that you will probably find this even more irritating than ‘we told you so’.)  All teasing aside, we are truly glad for you – and raised a cup or three of Butterbur’s best ale in celebration.

I had the strangest dream shortly after we last met you – a prophetic one I think; although such dreams and visions usually come to Elladan and not to me.  I saw a young boy – no more than five summers old – playing in the gardens of Imladris, and laughing as he fought Elladan with a wooden sword.  He was the very image of you, my brother!  I have no doubt that he is – or will be – your son, for Gilraen was also there, watching him and laughing at his antics as he 'killed' Elladan.

It was only a fleeting glimpse, but remains as vivid and clear as the day; and I have no doubt that it is a true dream.  One day you will have a fine son, and you will bring him to see us in Imladris.

Before that day comes, you must of course first marry Gilraen – and Elladan and I will be honoured to stand at your side as your supporters when that day comes.  We plan to return home to Imladris first to reassure Father that we still live, and will then make our way to Gilraen’s village in the autumn in time for your wedding.

Until then,

Your loving brother