Letters from Elrohir:

Greetings, Ori son of Gorin!

by Jay of Lasgalen 
January 24, 2008

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Imladris, 5 Nénimë, 2989

Greetings, Ori son of Gorin!

Thank you for your last letter – I am delighted to see you still use the Elvish script, and write it so fluently! 

As you can see, I likewise practise the runes you taught me in exchange – it frustrates Elladan intensely, as he cannot read what I have written.  He is trying to read this now, peering over my shoulder, and grumbling and swearing about it.  I wish I had learned the Angerthas long ago, when we were children, for then I may have been able to keep a few secrets from him.

Your proposed re-colonisation of Moria is most interesting news.  I wish you every success there – may you find the mithril you seek!  My brothers and I ventured into Moria some years ago, which you may have heard about.  I am sure Farin and Bilbur will have told you of the Elven spies they encountered, in league with the witch of the Golden Wood!  Beware, though.   We encountered many orcs, and although most of them were slain, I am sure some remained.   They may still lurk there in the deep places, and there may be other dangers.  Beware, my friend.

I cannot blame you for wishing to dwell in Moria once more.  I could still glimpse the grandeur there even after centuries of emptiness.  When the debris and filth of the orcs has been cleared, and the halls and passages are lit again, and voices are heard once more, it will be a wonder to behold!  The caverns will ring with hammer blows and song, and all the splendour and majesty of Durin’s reign will be seen again.

I wish you luck in your quest, and hope you will find the ores of gold, mithril and iron, the veins of emeralds and rubies.   Write to me again, and tell me of your new home.

Your friend,

Elrohir Elrondion