Celebrian's Special Day

by Jay of Lasgalen
March 1, 2008

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PG 13

The twins crept silently along the corridor that led to their parents’ rooms.  As they paused outside the door, Elrohir turned to his brother.  “Do you think Nana will like her special treat, El?”

Elladan looked down at the tray he had carried so carefully all the way from the kitchens.  “Of course she will!”  he whispered back.  “Her favourite cup, a pot of tea, warm bread and a special little jar of honey.  All her favourites.”

“But she doesn’t like waking up too early,”  Elrohir worried.  “What if she’s cross?”

Elladan hesitated.  It was true that Celebrían could sometimes be a little bad tempered in the mornings.  “I know!   If she’s still asleep, we get Ada to do it.  She won’t mind then.  Listen by the door, El.  If it’s quiet, and they’re asleep, we creep in so we don’t disturb them.”  He shifted his grip on the tray, then grinned.  “And if they’re awake, we jump in and shout surprise!”

Elrohir pressed his ear to the heavy oak door.  He could hear his mother’s voice.  “Oh, Elrond!”

He nodded.  “They’re awake – I can hear voices!  I think Ada’s giving her something as well.”

“Good – then let’s surprise them!”

Elrohir threw the door open and leapt into the room, while Elladan followed more carefully with the heavy tray.   “Nana!  It’s your special day!”  they chorused.  “Did we surprise you?”

Elrond and Celebrían turned towards them, frozen in a close embrace.  Elrohir grinned happily.

“Ada!  Are you giving ‘Nana a special treat as well?”

The End