Brotherly Love: 

Chapter 5: Leaving

by Jay of Lasgalen
October 2, 2007

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After a long, companionable evening of laughter and reminiscing they retired to bed.  Elladan and Elrohir stopped by their door.  “Estel – we will say farewell now.  We leave before dawn.”

They hugged him warmly.  “Take care, little brother.”  Elrohir ruffled Aragorn’s hair.

“And do not forget to bathe!” 

He returned the hugs.  “Goodnight.  Goodbye.”

By morning the twins’ room was deserted, apart from an envelope on the table.  Aragorn felt rather melancholy – he would miss them, despite the incessant teasing. 

Opening the envelope, he found a bill for the night’s accommodation, and a note:

 ‘Estel – we said you would pay.’