Brotherly Love

Chapter 3: Torment

by Jay of Lasgalen

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Aragorn slapped the coins onto the bar and sat down.  Like shadows, Elladan and Elrohir appeared on either side of him, sliding onto the bench. 

“Did you torment the others like this?”  he snapped.

“Torment?”  Elladan echoed.

“What others?”  Elrohir added.

“The other heirs of Isildur.  Did you torment them as much as you do me?”

Elladan shook his head.  “Of course not!”

“Though Arathorn did pour his ale over Elladan once,”  Elrohir remembered with a grin.

“Then why …”

Elladan shrugged.  “The others were …” – he waved his hand vaguely – “just fosterlings.  Whereas you – ”

“ – are our brother.”