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In the Van

by Mirabella-(V)
July 3, 2011

"Boromir, are you sure this is the way to the Black Gate?"

"Look, there's one of those little symbols for enemy fortress right there, past the crossroads."

"I think that's the symbol for a campground."

"'Tis an enemy fortress. I can read a map; I am highly trained in orienteering."

"Then why did it take you 120 days to get to Rivendell?"

"It is wrong to speak ill of the dead, Gandalf."

"Well, technically, I am dead too, so I am allowed. Here, Aragorn, you're the ranger, you read the map. And you two in back, stop bickering or I will turn you both into garden gnomes!"

"But Emeril is on, and all Gimli wants to watch is World Wrestling Federation Smackdown."

"One more word and I turn off the TV."

"WWF is on?"

"When we stop for gas, Boromir can sit in back with the dwarf. Legolas gets the front seat. Everyone happy? Good. I won't have to do anything drastic."

The End